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Tori Putman

Tori State of Mind originated as a creative outlet for Tori, a high school senior at the time. Now, 22 years old and finishing college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Tori is continuing her creative passion with a career in fashion and marketing. What was once a platform for Tori to express herself through fashion, has morphed into not only a name-sake lucrative business, but also a passionate portal for her and others to enjoy. Focused around living a fashion-forward and creative lifestyle, Tori uses Tori State of Mind to inspire others to have fun and express themselves in everyday life. Traveling tips, beauty reviews, outfit inspiration, sale announcements, and personal shopping for-hire just begin to scratch the surface of what can be found on Tori State of Mind. To view more creativity, follow along on Instagram and Twitter, @toristateofmind, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Tori State of Mind email, found on the side of the page. 

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Preparing for graduation in May, Tori hopes to find full-time employment that utilizes her fashion merchandising background & marketing skills. For the long-term future, Tori hopes to blog full time and start her own swimwear brand. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Prime Day Deals

It's 7PM on a Monday, I am in my pajamas, drinking white wine on the couch while my puppy constantly steps on my computer. Let me just tell you, writing this is hard right now. I really wanted to just stop, shop quietly by myself and play with my pup. But, no. I am...

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How to Shop Spring Break on a Budget!

How My Hair Grew 12 Inches

Its no secret that my hair was short one day and extremely long the next. In July, I decided to give permanent extensions a try. While I had the clip-ins for some time, I would end up only wearing them once in a while due to the time it took to put them in and style...
Academy Hampton Linen Shirt

Spring Break on a Budget

How my Hair Grew 12 Inches

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