What I Learned Living in NYC

What I Learned Living in NYC

Moving to New York City was a drastic change in environment for me. Coming from Canton / Kent, Ohio, I was going from two small-town, suburban areas to a major city  filled with millions of people. I guess you could say it was a bit of a culture shock.

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I’ve wanted to live in New York City since I was little. In first grade, when asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, I wrote down Fashion Designer. Where do fashion designers typically live, at least in the United States? New York City. I started visiting the city when I was around 10 or 12. Going back ever since any chance I could. The time that I really fell in love with the city however was when I took a little weekend-trip in February with my best friend Kaylin and her mom. We stayed at their friend’s apartment in the middle of the city on an air matress in their living room, but for some reason I think I loved it even more because of this. I was getting a taste of the true city-life. A small apartment, just steps from the bustling streets filled with hundreds of people.

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What I really love about seeing all of the people in New York is that you never know who someone could be. You walk alongside celebrities, millionaires, literally anyone on the streets. Hell, even one day walking home from class I walked right next to Bella Hadid and didnt even notice until I heard the rapid clicking of cameras. My friend Mackenzie and I could have reached out to touch her we were that close. Anyone could be someone in New York and people really wouldnt care. Thats what is so cool about the environment. New Yorkers dont care about what youre doing becaue their all too busy doing themselves, and in a hurry.

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After living in this huge city for six months, I learned a few things about myself, about what I want in life and about the city. I learned that although I love the fact that there is literally always someone else aorund (I hate being alone if you know me) but that sometimes its nice to be able to have alone time even when youre in a public place. I dont think I ever went anywhere in NYC where their wasnt atleast 10 other strangers around me. You really cant ever be by yourself here. But then again, that can be comforting in some weird way also.

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I lived 3 blocks from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. On Decemeber 11th of this year someone attempted to cause an explosion in the bus terminal. I use this station every day  as it was the closest subway station to my apartment. Thankfully, I was not there during this time but if I had been, the fact that there is always someone else there with you, even if theyre a stranger, is comforting. You would never want to be alone in that type of situation. Strangers can be comforting too, people protect other people when times of panic strike. If I had been in that type of situation I would’ve been happy to be in such a populated space.

But, honestly I missed being able to go to a park or other type of space and being able to find some spot where you could sit by yourself and enjoy your alone time. That doesnt really happen in New York. I missed having grass and trees near me. Of course there is Central Park and others throughout the city, but when youre just walking around there isnt even trees. Its just concrete and buildings. Not that the buildings arent beautiful, but sometimes its nice to see a little greenery.

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I learned that I also miss my car. Not that I’m dissing public transportation, becasue honestly the subway and busses in NYC are great, but I miss being able to sit in my car and listen to my music and drive myself to my destination. I really missed my Frannie (what I named my car) even though I complain about her a lot, ha! Although I love the city life, I also really like having my own space with some grass and place to park to my car.

I’m really excited to start exploring other places. I am very much interested in trying out LA or other places of California. Trust me, I am over the cold. Ohio and New York alike have worn me out and I’m ready to get away from the snow. I never thought I would say that, but yeah. I’m done with it. I am hoping to secure an internship or job in LA either this summer or next to really expereicne what it would be like living there. Just like I did in New York. I now know that although I love New York, I think it might not be my dream life like I had thought. Of course with fashion being so prominently located in New York if I had to move there for work I would and I would be OK with that. But, I think I would like to try out some other places as well.

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I was fortunate enough to be able to visit so many places and parts of New York. From visiting the Hamptons and Roosevelt Island to going to a concert in the middle of Central Park and meeting a director with a penthouse pool in Soho. I got to experience so many different sides of the city.

I’m putting together a post with my favorite spots in NYC, places to check out and reccomendations to visit / stay at during your next trip. Keep your eye out! But for now, this is what I’ve learned and I hope you take everything I say as just my personal feelings / opinions and don’t judge or take to heart my feelings. NYC will always have a soft spot in my heart and I am so grateful that one day I will be able to look back and say that I lived there if I never end up moving back. The memories I made and the people I met will forever be with me.

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I love you, NYC. Until next time.



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