back-to-school bag prep

getting ready each summer to go back to school can be tough on each one us.

whether you’re getting ready yourself to go back to school or helping someone else, picking and choosing the most functional and practical, while still good looking pieces can be difficult and time-consuming.

if you’re like me, or around my age, I love to pick out a new bag for school each year. trying to decide whether I want that bag to be a backpack, tote bag or satchel can be annoying.

while all of those styles have pros and cons for functionality, I like to look stylish as well. I mean, I am a fashion student, and let me tell you that most other fashion students actually put thought and effort into their looks each day. sometimes, like when its snowing 4 inches, I don’t know how but they do.

my personal favorite bag styles lately have been leather ones! I love the look of distressed leather bags whether they are duffles, backpacks, tote bags or purses I am currently obsessed. for my school-bag this year I have definitely been eyeing a few different leather options. I’ve been focusing my searches on tote bags and backpacks, for the functionality. I will be having to walk and take the subway this semester, after all, so function and quality are very important to me.

if you’re like me and always like to be over-prepared, backpacks seem like the smart way to go. by over-prepared I’m talking laptop, a notebook for each class in case my laptop dies or decides it doesn’t like me that day, a planner, multiple pencils and pens in various colors, and of course everyday essentials like a wallet and cosmetic case filled with nonsense that isn’t actually cosmetics.


photo from Madewell

a few of my favorite leather backpacks that I have stumbled across can be found here, here and here.

last year, I used a canvas backpack to carry around all of this nonessential crap and by the end of the year, I noticed it starting to tear. is this my fault for overloading it? probably, but none the less I was still annoyed and frustrated.

however, as great as backpacks are, tote bags are definitely the more stylish way to go. also, you don’t have to worry about being able to fully zip it or be paranoid about someone unzipping it while it’s on your back and you not noticing. am I the only one that worries about that? also, probably.


photo from Coach

some great and stylish leather totes can be found here, here and also here!

after writing down and reading through all of these thoughts about tote bags versus backpacks, I am nowhere closer on trying to decide which style I will use. I actually stumbled across a helpful article the other day on this topic though that I want to share with you, direct link here. although I do know for a fact, I want a leather bag, no matter the style I end up choosing.

have any thoughts on what bag will be better for back-to-school? leave me a comment at the bottom of this post! I for sure need your help.




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