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Do you ever get yourself so deep into the same routine that it just hits you one day that you’re always looking the same?

Well, I for sure do.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to some amazing new lines and beauty products. Ranging from a great new hair care brand, to a lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours. I’m going crazy over here trying to control my excitement and how happy I feel to be able to share these great things with you!

First up is Herstyler. Herstyler is a great new hair line that sells everything from hair care such as Argan Oil Masks, Hair Spray and even Shampoo & Conditioner. What they sell however that I’m so excited about is hair tools! I was sent an amazing product that creates gorgeous, relaxed, perfectly-effortless looking curls.

Its called the Herstyler Beach Curler. The Beach Curler offers advanced ceramic coating, perfect for an everyday look. This Beach Curler quickly heats up to 356°F and features two barrel sizes in one! The 19mm barrel is ideal for tigher curls, while the 32mm is perfect for loose, wavy curls. You don’t even need to remove or attach anything, all you simply have to do is twist the top to change barrel size! Its honestly so cool.

Since I have shorter hair and like to have looser waves, I chose to use the 32mm barrel size. My hair, shown in the pictures below, was completed in literally 10 minutes. I kid you not, this thing is so fun and easy to use. I’ve been using it for days and its great for traveling because its two in one! also, its great for my tiny NYC apartment because lets face it, I have no storage.


I added a little bump at the front of my hair line to give myself some needed volume, but really I just like to do that because of my thin hair. after I curl it everyday, I love to use the Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum and rub just a dime-sized amount through my ends to give them a little seperation and shine. Plus, my hair is super dry so this helps to make it soft and smooth. (Btw, all of the photos in this post were styled with the Herstyler Beach Curler, even the ones at the bottom of the post!)


Aside from the great quality of Herstyler products, the price is even better. Everything they sell is under $70, making it affordable for every girl who wants effortlessly beautiful hair, everyday. Be sure to check them out and browse their full range of amazing products! This collaboration was sourced via Shopping Links. #ad #sponsored 

Ok, so are you ready to hear about this amazing new lipstick that can last up to 18 hours?!

Honestly, this brand is my new obsession. I had seen it advertised on Instagram a few times and always was interested in trying it out, but just never got around to ordering a few colors. Its called Lipsense, and you can purchase it through my friends at The Purple Peck via Instagram or Facebook.

Lipsense is a line of lipstick and lipgloss that is kiss proof, smudge proof, water proof and literally, just life proof. Something that I love is that it when I drink from a straw, none of my lip color comes off onto the straw! Its the little things.. lol!

But seriously, I also love how this feels on my lips. You place a clear, sealing gloss on top of your color and it feels amazing. It’s moisturizing, smooth and not at all tacky! My favorite combination.

I’ll be honest, when I first heard about Lipsense I got hesitant to order any because I had read a review saying it was drying. But honestly, it’s really not! After I was approached to try it out I was eager to really see for myself what the formula and hype was all about. I really didn’t expect it to last so long or to really be totally smudge proof. Like, this stuff does not rub off! You have to use a special (included) remover product to take off the color.

The color I was sent is “Fly Girl” its a beautiful, cool red shade. I’ve worn it so much already that my tube is half gone! I need to order another. here are a few pictures of me in “Fly Girl.” Also, I used the Herstyler Beach Curler on my hair in these photos, too!


I really hope you guys take a chance to get out of your beauty-rut and try a few of these amazing products! All of the reviews and opinions are my own and 100% honest, no matter if sponsored or not.

Let me know your opinions on any of these babies, or if you have a great beauty product that you think I should try in the comments below!

Have a great week!!




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