Boat Daze 

do you ever have that feeling, when you’re sitting at work thinking “I just need to be outside today”?

Monday, that’s the only thing I could think of. I quickly made plans with some friends to head to my families sailboat for a relaxing sunset cruise.

it may or may not have been the greatest decision I have made this entire week. it had rained just an hour or so prior to our arrival at the lake, making the water so calm it looked like glass. there was not a single other person anywhere on the lake, creating a perfect view.

the clouds had mostly cleared up by the time the sun was starting to set and the lighting could not have been any more perfect. it was warm, golden and calm. the perfect summer night surrounded by my best friends.

the look I am wearing was inspired by Free People. I love these wide legged pants, made by Free People, and they just give off that effortlessly chic, boho vibes.

I threw on a quick tube top (actually a swim suit), a Julia Marie engraved necklace & my Everly Oak sun hat. I was set. by the way, if you like my personalized necklace you can snag one for yourself with 20% off! just use code TORISTATEOFMIND at checkout! my exact necklace is the Stamped Disc Monogram Necklace in gold!

this look to me was exactly the kind of feeling I was needing, free. the wide legged pants offer comfort and movability while the swimsuit top added a summer twist that was perfect for the boat! plus, you can never go wrong with a straw sun hat!

I hope you all find a time this weekend to sit outside and enjoy yourself. find that peaceful moment like I did, and just relax.




  1. Jess | 17th Jul 17

    Free looks Gorgeous on you! What beautiful photos and energy this article has💖 Loved it.

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