Favoriting Floral!

this summer, I am favoriting floral.. I know, shocker.

I am currently laying under some palm trees in Naples, Florida.

don’t be too jealous though, I’m leaving to go back to Ohio today… ugh!

now with these pictures… there is something funny you should know. well, funny for you. not really for me. as I was having my lovely mother snap some pictures of me in this adorable Zara dress, an entire SWARM of mosquitos decided that I was to be their dinner.

when I say swarm, I mean SWARM. I have bites covering my entire body. this entire trip I have been eaten alive and I am not too happy about it let me tell you. I kid you not, I full out sprinted to the car to get away from these bugs, and in heels no less.

ok so anyway. I love this girly, ruffled & floral Zara dress! it’s lightweight, comfortable and so fun! I want to wear it every day of the summer.

it would be so perfect for summer parties such as graduations, dinner dates and anything else you can think of really that you would need to dress up for this summer.

I grabbed these Stuart Weitzman heels at a small little consignment shop down here! only $35, you really can’t beat that. plus, they’re so comfortable! nothing beats that honestly.

I hope you all enjoy the starts of your summers and spend some time outside! (if you have bug spray) 



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