Going Giddy for Gingham

hey there all!

so sorry I’ve been so MIA.. moving to New York City has been busy and hectic to say the least but also equally amazing! living in the city that literally, never sleeps has honestly made me want to sleep. its exhausting, but super entertaining and exciting.

anyway, more on that later. however, if you’re the least bit interested in some of the things I am doing while here, check out the two new pages at the top of the screen! NYC FASHION MEDIA and NYC STUDY TOUR both are pages dedicated to two of my classes here. I have weekly assignments due in each about things I do while I’m here and certain class-specific topics.

but, the point of this post isn’t my life in New York City, its about the awesome fashion trend currently swarming the streets, gingham print!

most people wear gingham just for spring and summer, but this year its even projected to be huge for fall and winter! here is a look on how I styled this Zara gingham print dress for fall.


I put together a pair of crocheted socks with open-toed heels, a look that will keep me wearing these shoes a little longer into the season.


earrings from Francesca’s, lip color by Lipsense, an amazing line that lasts up to 18+ hours, is smudge, kiss and waterproof! I received my color “Fly Girl” complimentary via Instagram account, The Purple Peck. You’ll definitely want to check them out!


the belt I’m wearing I bought at the Hell’s Kitchen flea market! I tied a colorful Gucci scarf around my bag to bring in a few pops of color.


like or dislike this fall look? leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!




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