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happy June everyone!

the first day of summer is quickly approaching. although, I have been out of school for almost a month now. with my current internship and summer classes in full swing, things have gone from calm and cool to very busy, very fast. the post that you’re going to be reading today is all about how to buy glasses online.

but, before we get that going, I would like to apologize for being MIA for a little bit! but, I am back and I am making my blog and social media platforms a huge priority for myself this summer. this is the summer to advance what I have and to push myself past my comfort zone and really get out there! something that I am also encouraging each one of you to do also. whether that be with your own blog or start-up or just with work or life in general.


put yourself out there, push past what you think your limits are and reach above and beyond! even if you fail, at least you have tried and attained even more experience. it is all a life lesson, something to learn from, something to go off of.


well anyway, this post is dedicated to buying glasses online. which I know is a hard task to start to do. that’s why I want to tell you all about Coastal. Coastal is an eyewear website that offers the largest selection of designer and brand name eyewear at up to 50% off optical store prices. with an inventory of over 3,000 frames from top designer brands and over 100 brands of contact lenses. Coastal offers 24-hour free shipping and 365-day returns – which can I say is amazing!


I only recently have started to have the need for glasses. quick fact for you, I actually have to wear bifocals! yes I know, I am 20 years old but have to wear bifocals… my eye doctor had the same reaction. just this year I began to have serious eye pain and trouble seeing. after a trip to the doctor, I struggled to find a pair of glasses that I absolutely loved. it was really important to me to be able to find a pair that would work with my everyday look and match almost anything I put on. because come on, glasses are expensive! especially with a bifocal prescription.



after I received word that I needed to get some glasses my first instinct was to go to a physical store. I thought it would be the easiest option, but wow I was wrong. I tried Pearl Vision. turns out I had to wait over an hour, spend an exceptional amount of time trying on glasses with no help or feedback (I should not have gone alone) and then only after compleating a long, long, long consultation measuring my face and eyes and such was I finally told how much the lenses would be. not even including the cost of the frames. I was blown away by my price of $800! yes, you read that right! I knew going into the store they would be pricey but I never thought they would cost more than my apartments rent!


I ended up not even purchasing the pair. I decided I was going to try to find a better and less expensive way!

I was so excited when Coastal reached out to me to collaborate! not just because of their great prices on all frames including designer ones, but because I love how easy to use their website is! they even have an entire page dedicated to walking you through how to purchase a pair of eyeglasses online. they coach you through how to measure your eyes and even have an option that tells you what will look best on your face given the measurements you plug in! its called the MyFit tool and for a direct link click here.


honestly, their website made my life so much easier. I received my glasses in less than a week and I couldn’t be more in love with them. they’re super lightweight which I love because sometimes I can get headaches from heavy glasses or sunglasses. plus, they’re so cute and neutral which is exactly what I wanted. I can wear them with anything and everything!



my glasses are from the Derek Cardigan X WE ARE HANDSOME collaboration collection. I have the Geometric Gold frames and of course, my prescription is in the lenses. I highly recommend though just taking a scroll through some of their amazing options. they definitely have a pair for everyone! it took me over a week to decide on what pair I wanted the most! but I’m so happy with what I chose.

if you’re in the same boat as me and struggle finding a pair of affordable but stylish glasses, I highly recommend trying out Coastal. they also sell sunglasses and you can use the MyFit tool for those too! they really make online shopping for all glasses a breeze.

I hope some of you try out this amazing resource and leave a comment below about what you think!

happy summer!!



*this post has been sponsored by Coastal and Shopping Links, however, all opinions and reviews are my own.



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