new favorite color alert!

hello there and happy spring!

here in Ohio it is finally warm enough to enjoy being outside! hooray!!

with spring usually comes pastels and florals. while, I love those things and they are very spring-esque, I think its time to shake it up a little.

with all of the being said, if you haven’t noticed by now this year’s spring colors are amazing. everywhere I look (everywhere being my Instagram feed full of co-fashion bloggers and of course The Fashion School) I’ve been seeing bright orange, mustard yellow, light plum and many more great colors that are typically unusual for spring.

I am so happy about this because I often times get bored of the same thing, and also because my skin tone in pastels is just really not the best looking thing.. thanks paleness.

but, a color that I do look good in, is orange.

I scored this shiny, satin orange bomber from HauteLook by Nordstrom. I love HauteLook by the way.. I have the app and I honestly have to force myself to not check it constantly. but thats besides the point..

I paired this awesome lightweight bomber jacket with a Free People waffle top (currently on sale) that I wear off one-shoulder usually. I also paired my favorite Levi’s and H&M mules with the jacket. for a similar pair of shoes check out this almost identical pair from Forever 21.

if you love the look of my bomber jacket and want one for yourself, check out this and this for the same shiny look! this jacket would also look so cute for going out paired with a short, black dress and some over-the-knee boots! wow, I’ll have to put this together..

anyway, I hope all of your weekends go well and are filled with warm, sunny weather and bright spring colors!



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