NYC Fashion Media

#1, A Salute to September! 

After watching The September Issuea film based off of the creation of the annual VOGUE September edition magazine, I felt a wave of new emotions for the fashion industry. The movie peeks into the day-to-day life of the worlds top fashion magazine. Showcasing not only the editor, Anna Wintour, who has been called the most powerful woman in the country, but also the stylists and assistants that make each issue possible and even more chic than the pervious. Something that surprised me in this film is the amount of emotion that each person feels for their work. World renowned stylist Grace Coddington is the perfect example for this. The movie highlights how she is so dedicated to her work and the amount of literal blood, sweat and tears that she pours into each issue.

With each years September issue being bigger, and hopefully better than the last, the pressure is on for every member of the VOGUE staff. Careers can clearly be made or broken on this issue at the whim of the editor, as show cased in the film.

This year, my favorite September issue would of course, have to be VOGUE’s. After reading off the WWD September Issue  list, VOGUE for me still takes the cake. Not just because it is my favorite fashion magazine to date, but because of the message the cover and issue is presenting. The magazine demonstrates a sense of classic American patriotism, with hints at pro-immigration. Something that during this time, is needing to be showcased to many people across not only America, but the world. I applaud VOGUE and Anna Wintour alike for choosing this cover and theme for the September issue. Considering it is the most coveted and read issue of the year.