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#9, Flight Delays 

No one ever wants to receive that email stating that your flight for the day has been delayed. No one especially wants to receive one with a huge chunk of time between your original flight and your newly estimated departure time. But maybe, delays can be a good thing too. 

Today my flight was supposed to take off at 4pm, however at around 10 am this morning i received an email from Spirit that my flight would be delayed until 8 pm tonight. The thought of a possible four hour difference between the time i was supposed to arrive home and my new time scared me. I was also even more nervous because delays tend to change, a lot. It’s recommended to be at the airport in time for your originally scheduled flight but who wants to sit around for extra time in a boring place alone? Not me! 

Luckily my parents are so ‘go-with-the-flow’ and we’re able to mellow me out and make me not worry. I was going to get home at some point and I️t would all be alright. And you know what, i ended up having a great day for an even longer period of time than i originally would have! If i would have left at 4 pm like i was supposed to originally i wouldn’t have been able to spend extra time with my mom and take some much needed relaxation time. With our week being so crazy I️t was nice to finally be able to just relax and talk together. Maybe flight delays aren’t all  bad?

#8, Picture Me

After watching the film Picture Me in class, I know a lot of peoples eyes were opened to a lot of issues that occur in the modeling world. However, as someone who has been involved in such world for some time now, I was not. Watching some of the women featured in the documentary talk about their personal experiences regarding sexual harassment, body shaming and the effects of putting their life on hold to focus solely on modeling was something that I have heard of before.

To offer a personal experience, when I first started to become avid in modeling and looking to move further with it, I began talking to a few agencies, one even being located here in NYC known as Wilhemina. When I first started to think that this could be a possible career or become something lucrative for me, my mom really forced into my mind that no matter what, I was going to college (I was a senior in high school at the time), and that no matter what I wanted to do or what I thought could happen for me, I had to go to school and graduate. In the film, a lot of the models had no education after high school because they took the time off to model. A few of them even ended up not ever going and were unsure of what to do next in life now that their careers were coming to a close. I really am thankful that my mother was so stern and strict about the fact that I wasn’t allowed to change my entire life to focus only on modeling, especially because it ended up being something I was not in love with doing.

They were long days of shoots, hardly eating all day, staring into hot, white lights and being told what to do. It seems like a really cool and fun environment until you’ve been in it for hours on end, something that this movie also featured.

In today’s world, the Model Alliance and Model Harassment Protection Act now exist. After the film was made, Sara Ziff formed the alliance and is making a huge effort to create a safer and more tolerable environment for models everywhere. This is huge, especially in today’s society. With things like the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment accusations occurring and even more events coming to surface, a protection act and alliance to keep individuals safe and away from this type of treatment is incredible. I highly commend this program and I hope it really does make a difference in this dark environment we all seem as glamorous and fun from the outside..

#7, Texture

This past week I tried out a newer virtual news app. Texture is an app that holds over 200+ magazines and publications. For one annual subscription fee, you can access hundreds of different publications. A few that I browsed through were Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle. Being able to have multiple magazines virtually, and for one price, was a very convenient experience. It allows you to have the best of your fashion magazines without lugging around so much.

The only drawback I have is that I love to have a physical copy of a magazine. Being able to flip through the glossy, thick pages of Cosmo is something that I have always loved. Plus, you miss out on those fun perfume samples! I always rip them out and put them in my drawers to make my clothes smell good, lol. 

To rate my top three, must-download fashion apps in order, they would be the following.

  2. Spring
  3. The Hunt

I chose as number one because I personally use it daily. As someone who is accepted into LiketoKnowit and uses it daily to earn money from my blog, why wouldn’t I love/rate it well? Spring I also have used multiple times. I do not personally endorse it but I have used it to shop a few times before. The Hunt is something that I just think is really cool. This one was new to me and a new download. After having used it once though I am obsessed and will be playing with it more often!

For my internship, I would recommend becoming a store-partner of Not just because I use it, but because it creates a huge new market! Thousands of fashion bloggers advertise ONLY brands that are on because they earn a commission of any sales made through it. Not being a part of it is a huge decrease is potential sales because I know a few bloggers personally who will only post brands that are members with them.

#6, Playing the Part

Dear Grace Coddington,

For years I have admired your work in American Vogue. In 1988 when you joined the American Vogue publicaiton as creative director, you transformed the magazine. With your works of large, theatrical and fantasy like pieces, you inspire me every month.

When I was younger I used to spend time flipping through the pages of Vogue, staring wide-eyed at the magical like images. You create scenes of living art, featuring gorgeous fashion, creative hair and makeup and an entire new world.


Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 11.52.55 AM.png
Image via Vogue

One of my favorite images you’ve created is this scene soft pinks intertwined with dark shadows and pale, mishchevious looking models. The contrast between the dark and the soft shades of pink creates almost a fantasy like world. The fashion represents the 1920’s flapper era and makes it appear as if it almost was too theatrical-like to ever have been real clothing.

If I ever get to be in a state of mind where I can create such beautiful scenes I will be complete in my life. Your mind is a beautiful work of art and I dread the day you leave American Vogue.


Tori Putman

#5, Global Fashion Week Market

With Paris fashion week coming to a close, lets take a look at some of my favorite, and least-favorite trends.

Shall we start with least-favorite…

I have to say, Ricks Owens, though being known for pushing the envelope on design and exploring new ideas, definitely does not have a winner with his Spring/Summer 2018 Ready to Wear collection.

I know I can be conservative at time with my own style, but I mean I’m not sure anyone, even Rihanna, would really want to head down this rocky style road..

Here are a few snapshots of his line. Some of my least, least favorites..

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.37.30 AM
Photo via
Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.37.48 AM
Photo via
Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.37.57 AM
Photo via
But, moving on. Lets take a look at my all-time favorite trend from Spring/Summer 2018 Paris Fashion Week!

Oh, Karl Lagerfeld, you have done it again! The Chanel Spring/Summer 2018 Ready to Wear line simply speaks to me. Will there ever be a Chanel line though that doesn’t? I guess we will have to wait and see!

My favorite looks from the runway..

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.48.13 AMScreen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.48.48 AMScreen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.48.26 AMScreen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.48.56 AM

That final look, full of soft pink ruffles and fluff, is literally me in an outfit. If I could embody my personality and style and throw it onto a mannequin or model, this would be it. I can think of nothing closer to perfect!

#4, Global vs. American Publications

VOGUE magazine has various publications across the world. 18 countries publish a VOGUE magazine every month. This includes American, British, Italian, French, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan. All of these different variations of the most famous magazine in the world, come with a little different twist.

For example, when comparing the British of October 2015 (were on a budget here) and American September 2017 issues, there are evident differences.

The British VOGUE, interestingly to me, uses photos and campaigns shot only indoors. Whereas the American copy is almost done entirely outside. Whether or not the outdoor photos were taken in America, I don’t know. But it does seem to be a weird observation that the British version chooses to do indoor photoshoots for their fashion spreads and campaigns. Maybe because of the weather in Britain? I don’t know.

For advertisements, the American VOGUE is jam packed. Almost to the point where you think “there isn’t anything in here but ads!” However the British version seems to hold more pure content. I wasn’t sifting through multiple pages of advertisements in between each campaign, article or fashion spread like I was for the American copy. It took me until the 103rd page of the American copy before I saw any text not on an ad. The first page I came to after the ads was the index, on the 103rd page. The British index was on the 43rd page.

A similarity of the two issues is the font and graphics. The same font is used in both issues as well as the use of the VOGUE header. But, only the British copy uses article headlines on the front cover. The American one is clean of everything except the VOGUE logo and one sentence reading “125th anniversary collectors edition”.

While these magazines hold many differences, they both still emulate that classic VOGUE theme and tone its readers have come to know and love. Every country is different than the next in some ways, why shouldn’t their magazines be too?

#3, My 5-day NYC Street Style Diary.

This week in New York City I documented my daily experiences of events and fashion trends. With my mom being in town for the week, it was an easy task to do as I swear, we never stopped moving! Now that she is gone my feet can finally take a break, although I do miss her.

Anyways, here is my week of experiences..

Monday: On Monday 9/24 of this week, my mom and I wondered around soho shopping some of the latest trends and styles. One trend that really stood out to me was the color red! Red this season is huge, as you may know, and I am obsessed. As someone who has always loved the color, I am so happy its back to being on-trend!

Display via Bloomingdales.
Canada Goose jacket, via Bloomingdales.
Display via Bloomingdales.
Tuesday: On Tuesday 9/25, my mom and I ate at a restaurant we had never experienced before! It was called Ed’s Seafood Bar and was located in soho. I loved the quaint restaurant covered in whitewash walls and marble. It was gorgeous!

My mom had the lobster mac and I had fish & chips. Both of which, were delicious and we ate the entire meal!


Wednesday: On 9/26, I noticed another trend being popularly displayed throughout stores. With fall styles being advertised, I was a little surprised to find this particular trend so often displayed, as it is typically a spring style.

What I was seeing on displays in multiple stores was floral. I snapped a few pictures of multiple floral looks, in different colors and styles being pushed for this fall! Something that I thought was new and different for the season on hand.

Display via Bloomingdales.
Display via The Kooples.
Display via Eberjey.
As you can see, the florals come in different sizes, styles and colors. I’m honestly loving this new style for fall!

Thursday: On Thursday, I went to a concert in the park!

Central Park hosts a variety of shows throughout the summer in the outdoor arena. I had never been here nor to a concert in New York at all, so I was very excited for this experience!


Not only was the weather great, but just being in the environment of so many people all enjoying the same music was a great end to the day.

Friday: On Friday, I finished up the week with my mom with some last minute errands and shopping for a few necessities I needed before she left the city.

While out shopping, I noticed a huge trend with not only red, but the color pink as well! Bloomingdales even advertised “Pink is the new black!” which I of course, loved.


Display via Bloomingdales UES.
Seeing such a bright pink shade paired with a dark green winter coat was something that I thought was kind of non-tradtitional and cool. I wish I could have that jacket!

This concludes my week of NYC trends and experiences. I hope you enjoyed!

#2, A Fashion Blast to the Past.

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close earlier this week, its time to take a look inside some of the Spring / Summer 2018 Ready to Wear collections. Here is a peek at two of my favorites, and what I think helped to inspire these collections.

The first, Tom Ford.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.40.12 PM.png
Photo taken from Yannis Vlamos /
This entire collection screams 90’s to me. With the oversized blazers paired with jumpsuits and low rise pants, its clear that the 90’s comeback is not over yet. Ford adds a trendy twist to his collection however, with the use of today’s popular materials such as velvet and leather.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.40.24 PM.png
Photo: Yannis Vlamos /
Another “ode to the 90’s” evident in this Spring / Summer line is the strong use of denim. Remember back in the day when full-denim outfits were popular? It seems to me that Ford is bringing that back in 2018. The wide legged, low rise pants as shown above however I think need to stay back in 1999 where they belong.

Next up is Peter Pilotto.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.41.21 PM.png
Photo by Marcus Tondo
This collection spews thoughts of the 70’s. With the large, faded floral prints and use of slogan T shirts, Peter Pilotto is feeling groovy for this Spring / Summer.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.41.28 PM.png
Photo by Marcus Tondo
Another 70’s inspired look evident in the show is the use of hot pants.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.41.40 PM.png
Photo by Marcus Tondo
Paired with white go-go boots, hippies everywhere are having flashbacks to the glory days. Personally, these looks and pieces are so fun to me! I can just imagine some rose-colored glasses paired with a flower crown and any one of these outfits. Break out the peace signs, the 70’s are back this 2018!

#1, A Salute to September! 

After watching The September Issuea film based off of the creation of the annual VOGUE September edition magazine, I felt a wave of new emotions for the fashion industry. The movie peeks into the day-to-day life of the worlds top fashion magazine. Showcasing not only the editor, Anna Wintour, who has been called the most powerful woman in the country, but also the stylists and assistants that make each issue possible and even more chic than the pervious. Something that surprised me in this film is the amount of emotion that each person feels for their work. World renowned stylist Grace Coddington is the perfect example for this. The movie highlights how she is so dedicated to her work and the amount of literal blood, sweat and tears that she pours into each issue.

With each years September issue being bigger, and hopefully better than the last, the pressure is on for every member of the VOGUE staff. Careers can clearly be made or broken on this issue at the whim of the editor, as show cased in the film.

This year, my favorite September issue would of course, have to be VOGUE’s. After reading off the WWD September Issue  list, VOGUE for me still takes the cake. Not just because it is my favorite fashion magazine to date, but because of the message the cover and issue is presenting. The magazine demonstrates a sense of classic American patriotism, with hints at pro-immigration. Something that during this time, is needing to be showcased to many people across not only America, but the world. I applaud VOGUE and Anna Wintour alike for choosing this cover and theme for the September issue. Considering it is the most coveted and read issue of the year.