NYC Study Tour

#11, Bergdorf & Barney’s 

For class we visited Bergdorf Goodman’s and Barney’s. We visited these stores to analyze the way they merchandise their stores, specifically the shoe department. We will be comparing the way these stores and Dover Street Market merchandise their products and layouts. I am very excited to visit Dover Street Market and I never turn down a trip to Bergdorfs!
#10, Heather Cerbone

Heather Cerbone is the Senior Vice President of Product Development & Design for the Men’s Polo Brand. She is a very, very experienced woman who has had many titles and positions in the product development area of the fashion industry. She personally works alongside Ralph Lauren, his brother, and many other talented individuals. Having been stationed in New York City for about 20 years with Ralph Lauren she has come to know much of the fashion industry and learned even more along the way. Hearing her answer all of our industry questions and learning about her expereinces was a great pleasure.

#9, Elbow Grease 

Elbow Grease is an athleisure clothing company geared towards men and women. Founded and located in New York City, they target young, athletic and trendy individuals that believe in hard work. Their clothing is made to be comfortable for someone who is on-the-go constantly but still wants to appear in style.


#8, Doneger

The Doneger Group is where my Study Tour class went to visit this week. The Doneger Group is a fashion forecasting service, available by subscription for a high fee. Almost all designers, brands and major fashion stores use a forecasting service such as Doneger to determine what trends and styles they will need to put out and sell each season. IMG_6780.JPG

We were spoken to by 3 individuals that work for Doneger. One was a creative designer and the other two indivudals were merchandisers that worked on the business end and communicate with clients. Doneger releases a Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter report for each year that specifies the key color stories, trends and inspirations.

#7, Story Retail 

For Study Tour we were taken to a retail concept store called Story. This store is changed every few months totally and is set up with an entire new theme each time. This month, the store features a beauty theme.

It was full of mini makeover stations and tables selling all different types of beauty products and self wellness pieces. I even got to receive a free lipgloss and eyeshadow palette! How fun of a school field trip?

#6, Create A Marker

This week my Study Tour class was given an inside look into a Grading and Marking service here in NYC.

Create A Marker is a super cool company. What they do is provide a service to brands and designers that need help transitioning their designs and patterns to fit multiple sizes.   For example, Create A Marker will receive a design from a brand in one size. They then will digitally scan the designs pattern and grade the pattern into an entire range of sizes, based off of a designers specific specs.


So, if a designer designs a gown in a size Small but also wants to sell it in sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large, they would send the Small pattern to Create A Marker who will then do all of the nitty gritty work to proportionally size the pattern into the next sizes, while keeping the design consistent.

Being able to learn about marking and grading was a very informational experience. We also were given a look into their laser-cutting room. Create A Marker has a laser printer that can cut out multiple pattern pieces perfectly across a large table. Watching it be done was almost out of this world!


The highlight of the trip however was getting to meet the office cat, Popsicle. She loved to put herself right in the middle of the explanations and talks, she for sure stole the show!

#5, Material ConneXion

A cool experience I was able to have this week due to my Study Tour class was a visit to Material ConneXion.

Material ConneXion is a resource available to companies and designers that contains thousands of different materials that can be used in various ways both in the fashion industry and not.


We were given the chance to tour the library of materials at their showroom. As we walked around and got to not only look but touch and feel the materials, I chose one that I was most fond of. This material, shown below, is marble-patterned silicone, it is cast on reclaimed carpet and forms a rubbery tile. It is waterproof, durable and anti-slip. This material can be used for hundred of different things but most commonly as walls, floors, ceilings, upholstery and of course as a decorative item.


I love this material because I think it is such a great idea to make something from old carpet! Something that would normally be thrown away and end up in a landfill. Plus it feels super cool and can be made to look gorgeous!

#4, Coterie Trade Show

This week, as a part of class we were given the opportunity to attend a trade show. The Coterie trade show is a huge event where brands go to sell their merchandise to stores for the upcoming seasons.

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Some of my favorite brands like Free People, Blue Planet, Kendal & Kylie and so many more were in attendance, showing off their latest season of merchandise. To get into the show we had to be registered guests and had to show our badge at every entrance and door into the event.


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Being able to explore through so many brands and aisles of beautiful merchandise was such a fun and exciting experience for me. My friend and I spent multiple hours just wandering and admiring the pieces.

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I am so happy I was able to attend the trade show, it really made me excited for the future to come in the fashion industry.

#3, New York Fashion Week – Marcel Ostertag Show

Today instead of class, we were all invited to attend the Marcel Ostertag fashion show as a part of New York Fashion Week that is currently going on.



The show was for Spring 2018 and was a collection of what seemed to me as 70’s – inspired, retro and happy. Full of bright colors like orange and emerald green paired with navy and beige. Multiple different sheer, gauze like looks strutted down the catwalk in full-length evening dress style that I also could imagine being seen on the beaches of somewhere exotic like Tahiti.

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What I wore to the show: CDG Converse, St.John’s jacket, Gucci silk scarf, wedgie fit Levi’s, Tory Burch cross body.
Something that I noticed about all of the looks was the detail of all of the models going braless underneath. With the current “#FREETHENIPPLE” movement ongoing and feminism growing in this day and age, it seemed like a not-so shocking choice, but would have been seen as very daring just a few years or even seasons back.


Another great detail that I found exciting was the large use of sequins in bright colors such as a gold toned orange. I’m so happy that glitter and sequins are still going to be on-trend this year. I can never get enough!


The high-energy at this show was so fun to experience and I loved every minute of it. I am so grateful to my professor and Kent State for giving me the opportunity to attend such a gorgeous production during NYFW.


#2, Comme des Garçons Exhibit 

For this weeks class, we were assigned to visit the MET Museum and view the Comme des Garcons exhibit designed by Rei Kawakubo.

For the exhibit, there were multiple sections or parts. Including my favorite, Then/Now. This section was about the past, present and future. Also described in the exhibit as birth, marriage and death. Inside this section was collections entitled Modern Sweetness, Sweeter Than Sweet, Body Meets Dress–Dress Meets Body, Inside Decoration, and White Drama.

In these collections, the silhouettes represent the 19th century style. Her collection is full of bustles, crinoline and hoop skirts, which can be seen in the photo below.


The exhibit in its entirety is very inspiring and creative. Full of what seems to be Rei Kawakubo’s dreams and whims. Being able to be so close to such amazing pieces that almost seem too cool or magical to be real was a very humbling and exciting experience for me. I was very happy that my study tour class received this assignment and I left feeling inspired and ready to start creating again.

#1, Garment Center Tour

Today for class we took a small tour around the Garment District. We visited Elegant Fabrics, MOOD Fabrics and Around the World Fashion Publications.

Elegant Fabrics showcases premier materials at premium prices. While the prices are very high-end, the fabrics sold here seem to be worth it. A massive selection of every type of material, in every color and finish can be found at Elegant Fabrics. High-end designers such as Vera Wang or Ralph Lauren could be thought of when walking through the endless aisles and touching the luxurious pieces. A few of my favorite fabrics could be found in the tweed aisle.


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After leaving Elegant Fabrics, we stopped at the famous MOOD Fabric store. Sadly, I didn’t get to meet the renowned dog, Swatch, but it still was a cool and friendly experience. I had no idea that MOOD sold so many other products, other than fabrics. Such as embellishments, buttons, snaps and books. Plus their own branded products such as tote bags and T shirts.



The last stop on our first day touring the Garment District was the Around the World Fashion Publications. This store holds every VOGUE magazine along with over 1,000 other fashion magazines, and then some. Pictures sadly are not allowed in this store but the magnitude of the different brands, types and magazines sold in this store is slightly overwhelming, however very cool to see. I know where I will be shopping when I need magazines for my Fashion Media class.