So, What is Rocksbox?

Happy almost-weekend everyone!!

Thursdays can often seem so annoying far from the weekend that you just hate them for existing! Or wait, is that just me that feels like that? Ha, whatever.

Anyways, I’m writing this post tonight to tell you about something that I am so excited to now be apart of!! What is that great thing you ask? Its called Rocksbox.

all of my jewelry via Rocksbox!



So, what is Rocksbox


Rocksbox is a designer jewelry subscription box! It is a jewelry membership service that exists to make your life easier and more stylish. For $21 a month, you can treat yourself by trying 3 new pieces of jewelry at a time, with free shipping both ways! how cool is that?


scroll down for a code for one free month to Rocksbox!

So how it works is you go online and create a wish list of pieces that you want to be sent or that match your style, love, etc. Then, you pay a subscription fee of $21 once a month, this fee will get you three gorgeous, designer pieces of jewelry, that you chose, sent to your door for you to wear as much as you want! Whenever you want to try something new, you have the choice to either purchase those pieces (as many as you want, it doesn’t have to be all 3) at a discounted price & with credit, or to send simply send them back and get an entirely new set!


Overtime you send back, you get new ones! Isn’t that super cool? Honestly, I think $21 a month to be able to wear designer jewelry for as long as I want (and to have the option to buy at a discounted price) is pretty worth it. I also really love this because its great for me while living in NYC. I didn’t bring as much of my jewelry with me here due to limited space so now having this subscription I can switch out as much as I want and also wear whatever I want without cluttering up my closet and drawers with thousands of earrings, rings & necklaces.


Plus, if you want to try Rocksbox just to see if you might like it, you can get a FREE risk-free month with my code ( toristateofmindxoxo ) ! So I mean, why not try it out and see if you like it, it is a free month after all, no harm no foul!

Just click HERE to get started!


I really hope you guys try it out, and leave me a comment below!

Have a great weekend!!





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