thrift store challenge 

recently, I have been searching for a good pair of high waisted, light-wash jeans. 

after shopping around for a few weeks not quit finding what I was looking for I came across the American Apparel 40% entire store sale. 

I found a pair that seemed to be exactly what I was searching for and at 40% off I pretty happy. I purchased the jeans. worn below

a few days ago, I was home from school for the weekend and decided to check out my local Salvation Army for some hidden gems. I wondered into the denim section, looking for some vintage Levi’s I could turn into shorts for the summer. I ended up finding a pair of retro light wash, high-waisted Tommy Hilfiger jeans in my size. I tried on the pair and was in love with both the price tag of $5 and the jeans. 

I purchased the Tommy’s. the next day I come home to my American Apparel package with my light wash jeans that almost exactly resemble the pair I bought for $5. my first reaction, “ok Tori, return the American Apparel jeans.” I went online to find out that my entire order was final sale only. so, I tried on the new jeans and ended up liking the fit of the Tommy’s even better. 

I now own two pairs of high waisted light wash jeans. needless to say I’m sure I will be experimenting with and cutting up one of the two pairs but oh well, I guess now I am fully stocked…

the point of this story is that I’ve come to realize that most pieces I am searching out, usually have a twin living in a consignment / thrift store somewhere. I already love to thrift shop and this experience has only made me love it even more. 

right now I am debating doing a thrift -store – only challenge. this would mean I only shop from second hand store for my clothing, shoes and accessories. I am thinking about trying this challenge out first for a month, then maybe for six months and possibly a year. but of course the essentials like underwear, socks and bathing suits I could buy new. 

what do you think about the thrift-store-only challenge? has anyone ever tried it before or had a similar experience to the one I just encountered with my jeans? leave a comment below! 

updates to come about how I will be doing the challenge, when I will start and for how long. stay tuned! this should be interesting and hopefully, a lot of fun! 



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