time to fall in love

its the holiday season. the air is filled with love, friends and family and beautiful decorations everywhere you look.

what is a great ‘decoration’ for your arm you ask? a Jord Wooden Watch! its time to fall in love with Jord Watches, I for sure have!

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all of the watches made by Jord are made from unique wood found around the world. my particular watch is made out of zebra wood and emerald! its a beautiful, one of a kind watch that stands out and completes almost every outfit because of how versatile the wood is!

if your in a pinch and need some last minute gifts for either the man or lady in your life, you can get a Jord gift card just for clicking here and entering your name and email. a gift card will instantly be sent to your inbox, just like that! you have until Christmas day to redeem your gift card.

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yes, I am serious. you can get a free gift card just for clicking here and giving your email. be sure to check out the Jord website here and take a look at all of their amazing pieces. I already have one pick out for my boyfriend…. shh. he doesn’t know yet.

a few of my favorites are the Reece zebra wood with emerald (mine) here, the Dover with olive and acacia, here and the Frankie zebra wood and champagne, here!

Wooden Wristwatch

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be sure to click here before you buy and get that free gift card to put towards your purchase! plus, the packaging on these watches are even as beautiful as the actual watch. there really is no need to additional wrapping! super easy.

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XO, Tori

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