Ways to Stay Organized, Focused and Relaxed this New Year!

What better way to kick of 2018 than by getting organized, relaxed and learning to stay focused? I’ve been putting together my calendar and setting my goals for the year this past week.

Honestly, I love making lists and writing down my appointments / commitments. My mom always makes fun of me but she also does the same. Something new I’ve been starting to do this year is creating a visualization board for my new year goals, dreams and wants! An easy way to do this is by grabbing an average poster board or even a piece of cardboard or cardstock. Then, all you have to do is narrow down a few goals that you want to work towards and achieve this year and visualize what images will make you think of those goals. I like to then go through magazines and pull out images that represent those goals to me and arrange them on the board in a collage-type way. You can add anything you want to board! Anything that speaks to you. It’s your board and it should represent you and what you want! For examples or to see how to make one, check out my Pinterest board with tips and tricks! Click here!


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I also like to add some fun and creative elements to mine. Like some glitter, fun fonts or even rhinestones. If you know me, you know I love anything sparkly! A few of the goals I’m including on my board are:

  •  Travel more
  • Stay organized
  • Focus on furthering my blog and fashion portfolio

and much more, but I’d like to keep my board and goals to myself. What a visualization board really does is it helps you become focused on what you really want to do. By visualizing your specific wants and goals you will subconsciously start to work towards making them happen. So many other bloggers, businesswomen and even celebrities do these and swear by them! Put yours somewhere in your home where you’ll be able to see it from time to time. I like to put mine in either my closet so I can glance at it every day when getting dressed or even on my wall in my laundry room! That way, every time I have to do something like a chore, I can see it and remind myself whats important to me,

A few things to help you stay focused this year other than a visualization board are planners, notebooks, and pretty pens! Every year I buy a cute planner and notebook that I just love to use! Plus, have a cute pen to write with always makes me want to open it and dive in every day. Cheesy, but true! I’ve linked some cute, fun and cheap options! There is no need to splurge on something you’re going to write and doodle in when the less-expensive ones get the job done just the same!

My favorite planners, notebooks, and pens are below!

Some other ways to keep yourself relaxed and thus more productive is to keep plants and essential oil diffusers in your office / home! Putting Orange essential oil in a diffuser is known to make you focus and stay stress-free. Plants provide serenity and a peaceful presence. I’ve linked some great options below!

To stay alert and focused, the obvious choice is coffee and tea. I personally, love espresso! It saves you from drinking so much liquid like multiple cups of coffee when you could just have one shot of espresso and be good to go! Some low-priced options are linked!

Have any other suggestions on how to stay focused, relaxed and organized this new year? Drop me a comment below!

Happy New Year I wish you all the best and hope you enjoyed the holidays spent with your loved ones!




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